ABC Children’s Academy participates in the Federally Funded Child Nutrition Program and we provide balanced meals and snacks for your child daily.  No food may be brought to the center unless prior arrangements are made with the Director of your county.  This is to protect other children who have allergies and to maintain compliance with CACFP  that all children receive a well-balanced meal.  Enrollment into this facility is agreement of this meal policy.

Peanut Butter

Due to the large amount of Peanut Allergies, we are not allowing Peanut Butter in the Buildings. However, Families should be aware that we may have products with Peanut oils in them.


A list of your child’s allergies shall be kept in the classroom as well as with the Nutrition staff, under a cover sheet. We make sure outside food is not accepted to protect those children with allergies. Exclusion or Segregation of Students shall not occur for children with allergies. A Medical Need must be described on Doctor’s Note to exclude foods from children’s meals.

Allergies/Food Substitutions

A statement from a doctor on letterhead or prescription pad stating a child’s allergies is required in order for our nutrition staff to alter servings.

Our center makes every attempt to be peanut and tree nut free in that we do not serve products with actual chunks or pieces of nuts in them; however, some of our products are made in factories where other products containing nuts may be manufactured such that “traces” of nuts and or bi-products may be on the labels of our products as a disclaimer. It is important to ABCCA that our parents are aware of this disclaimer as well.

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